Entering the Serengeti sector

This base in Paxius has one mission ready to be completed and one mission still in progress

Qokuji'qi ships defending their base in the Iq' Bana system

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Star Sonata 2 is now live!

Download your Star Sonata 2 client here.

This website is currently in the process of being upgraded from showing Star Sonata 1 content to showing content from Star Sonata 2. You can see a game play video of Star Sonata 2 here and screenshots here.

Welcome to Star Sonata 2, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game, where you captain a spaceship in a vast, hostile, and fascinating universe.

Free Download, Unlimited Free Play
The whole universe is open for free to players for an unlimited length of time with no level cap.

Please make your way to the Tutorial section and learn how to safely operate your new vessel or read more about the game in the About section.

Server & Website Downtime for Monday 11PM EST   June 3rd, 2012

We are bringing the server & website down on Monday evening at 11PM EST. The downtime is expected to be roughly 1-3 hours.

You can hop on Star Sonata's IRC channel: irc.starsonata.com Port 7777
Or like us on [url=http://www.facebook.com/Star.Sonata:3iabxrvr]Facebook[/url:3iabxrvr]
OR follow me on [url=http://www.twitter.com/bageese:3iabxrvr]Twitter[/url:3iabxrvr]

For updates during the More....

Announcing New Monthly Bonus Weekends!   May 13th, 2012

Every month, on the third Friday of the month we will have a Bonus Weekend! The first Bonus Weekend will run from Saturday morning to Sunday 11:59pm. The type of bonus will vary from month to month.

For May's Bonus weekend all players will receive double Experience points! It starts Friday the 18th and will go to Sunday the More....

Universe Reset has been postponed by 1 hour and 30 minutes   February 25th, 2012

There was a problem behind the scenes and the last hour of the universe didn't get saved. We are bringing the server back up from the old uni so people can finish preparations.


The Period of Contention
Coronation starts in 10 hours 37 minutes.

Help! What does this mean?

1.   Joshua102     Eminence Front
2.   Count Daedalus     Commonwealth
3.   Lightning Bolt     Eminence Front
4.   Original Gij     Death Mental
5.   Zena     Eminence Front
6.   Hellfrost     Death Mental
7.   MagiczPotato     Star Revolution X
8.   DHM     Eminence Front
9.   Danger     Psionic Corps
10.   Momonga     Terran Empire


1.     Resident Evil    697
2.     Strawberry Pancakes    584
3.     Zephyr    579
4.     Eminence Front    574
5.     Traders    439
6.     Infernal Empire    346
7.     Impossible    299
8.     Red Faction    278
9.     Adamantiumized Souls    264
10.     The Originals    227

Team Registry - Search for your favorite or most hated teams!

Server & Client Patch May 22   May 22nd, 2012


* Added failsafes to ensure the camera correct itself if it someone get set with out of bound values.
Expanded the AP text at the top by a bit so that when it wraps it won't get cut off.
* Added an attempt at freeing some gpu memory when running out (might not free much or even crash, unable to test reliably)
* Added faster gui rendering, this is what has been in beta for quite some time now, it is now a toggle. If your gui mess up when you enable it, you can press scroll lock to temporarily disable it More....

Server & Client patch - 02 May morning GMT   May 2nd, 2012

* A new client command (/lkc) used to control different lagkiller values (only 3 non generic ones for now rmbg to control the background removal, slowgui to control the gui render speed and starbg to control the background stars quantity).
* Another new client command to allow you to save your /lkc /lkl /lku settings called /savecommands . It will open an edit box, you type in the commands you want the client to execute before starting (1 per line) and press ok, from there on, every time you restart your client those commands will be ran. Since those are More....

Server & Client Patch - 11th Apr 11PM EST   April 10th, 2012

* Gave Dark Kobaldstein shouts for when he changes target.
* Added all of your owned sobs (userbase, slaves, docked ship, limboed ships) content to your itemseen list (for tradebay among other things).
* Added glowmap for Copper ships
* Added Sidhe and Bule Super Sidhe glowmaps
* Added texture for Sidhe+
* Added support for destroying single augmenters (right click)

* Fixed a network lag caused by autopilot.
* Made Bunny Warren only launch fighters
* Fixed an Easter mission
* Fixed Pirate Bounty missions ~ rewards added
* Attempt to fix the planets desync (userbase desync).
* Changed workhours for Hephaestus Buckler from 25b to More....

Content only Patch - 4th April 17:00 EST (ish)   April 4th, 2012

A small patch in hope to remove some of ship loss issues,

* Added number of stations to deliver Crate of Games to for the Gone Gold mission series description text
* Added x5 and x10 turn in missions for Easter rewards

* Made a bunch of instanced galaxies that weren't dungeons dungeons in hope to avoid ship loss issues
* Increased time between Resurrection tweaks on (Zombie) Easter Bunny by 150 seconds
* Easter Egg Hunt (Egg Hunt Grounds) doens't require completion of Hop Drive mission anymore
* Small tweaks to Zombie Easter Bunny's 'spawn' scripting.
* Paxian Battle Frigate and AoG changes
* Tweaked Glue Gun More....

Server & Client Patch - 2nd April 10PM EST   April 2nd, 2012

* Added some code so DGs will inherit their parent galaxies premium qualities (semi premium = no entry to f2ps)
* EASTER - See below!

* Fixed a bug in the new item drop code that was preventing higher tech items from dropping when their ship was killed with surgical
* Fixed typo in Paxius Exploration mission - Free Market
* Sergeant's Gyophare made non-sticky and subtyped to the Sergeant Enforcer (New missile BP requirement)
* Fixed "No ship configuration for Cadet Missile" issue
* Fixed a couple of typos with Hermes script (shout)
* Autopilot canceled when trying to enter a galaxy that you do not More....

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