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Qokuji'qi ships defending their base in the Iq' Bana system

Player's Guide  Rule the Universe

Rule the Universe

Do you think you and your team have what it takes to rule the universe and crown yourself Emperor? First the universe must become more civilized. Then you will have to ensure that most of the colonial population are under your control. Only after these conditions are met can you claim the throne. Gather allies in the coming war as your enemies will try to take control of your colonies. Survive their onslaught, and you may be able to take the Emperor's Crown to victory.

Team Requirements: A team is required to make the claim to the throne, and only the Director can become Emperor. A claim cannot be made if any member has joined within three days. Nor can you accept new members once your claim has been made.

A Barbaric Universe

At the start of a new game, the universe begins in a barbaric state. Before anyone can make a claim, the universe must reach a certain level of civility. To civilize a universe, players must build up colonies. A universe becomes civilized when a certain ratio of colonies to galaxies is met. (Before this was a ratio of owned to unowned galaxies.)


An Unclaimed Throne

To claim the throne, you must have the requirements to take ownership of the Galactic Palace. The Palace is located in a Warp 3 galaxy called Anatolia. Be aware that destruction of your Palace will end your claim.

A claim cannot be made until a team controls a certain percentage of the universe's population. There exists blueprints to a hyper-intelligent computer system that can tell you the strength of your hold on the population.

The blueprint for the Palace can be found on our home-world. The Galactic Palace is the golden sphere shown to the right.

The Galactic Palace

The Period of Contention

After a claim to the throne has been made, the period of contention begins, during this time you can start the build of the Emperor's Crown. The claim must be defended for a certain amount of time. Periodically a message will be sent notifying everyone how much time remains until the new Emperor may take the throne. Each member of the team that has made the claim is vulernable to attack from any player regardless of level. (Normally players that are much higher cannot initiate hostile acts against lower level players.)

This is the time when people who oppose the new Emperor-to-be, must rise up in concert to take away control of the population. During the conflict the universe may become much more uncivilized as stations are destroyed and team ownership of galaxies is lost. The ownership level of the universe has no effect during this period. The only way to invalidate a claim to the throne is to take away the claiming team's control over the population or to destroy their Galactic Palace.

The Coronation Ceremony

During this time, the same rules for the Period of Contention apply. Battles may still proceed against the Emperor's colonies and his claim may still be nullified.

Inside the construction area of the Palace, you will find the Emperor's Crown. Your crown ship is shown to the right. When you are able to take the throne, all players will receive notices that the Coronation can take place.

As Emperor this may be your most vulnerable time. You must pilot the Emperor's Crown to the Sol galaxy and dock at Earth Central Station. You will be vulnerable to attack as will your teammates who must help you reach Earth. Once undocked, the Emperor's Crown, cannot dock except at Earth Central Station. An escape pod is highly recommended. The crown ship does not have stasis generator.

The Emperor's Crown

Emperor Crowned - A New Start

A new Emperor has been crowned! The Emperor's team will get a 5% tithe on all scoop credits, placed directly into their team funds and other advantages. If the Emperor holds the claim till the end of the Universe, they get to name a galaxy and design a new item.

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