Entering the Serengeti sector

This base in Paxius has one mission ready to be completed and one mission still in progress

Qokuji'qi ships defending their base in the Iq' Bana system

Player's Guide  Skills



Skills determine what items and abilities each character has. You gain five skill points each time you level up. The cost of skills can vary from skill to skill and can increase in cost at higher levels.


At various AI stations you can train your brain! Visit the Neuro-Training booth to get some neurons upgraded.

Once you are in the door and have some skill points, you can select which skill you wish to upgrade. The "Cost" is the number of skill points it will take. The "Limit" is the maximum skill level that this particular station can train. Other stations will have different limits. Some will even skills that are not available elsewhere!

As you advance up the skill tree, you will find that certain skills require other skills, and some can be exclusive. You can choose paths of development to specialize in the area that suits you best.

After you spend the skill points you don't want to ask for a refund. Last time someone tried that, he was shown the airlock.

General Skills

Proper skills are essential

The max level of ship you can fly.
Electrical Engineering
Equipment (other items)

The max level of each item type that you can use.
Remote control

The number of slave ships you can have.
Drone deployment

The number and quality of drones you can deploy at once.
Warp Navigation

Higher levels allow you to use higher level wormholes. Beware that more dangerous entities await beyond the core.
Station Management

Higher levels allow you to use higher level stations and station items.

You need to have at least one level to create a team. Level two allows you to get an experience tithe.
Astral Travel

Allows you to use an autopilot to travel between galaxies.
Augmenter Tweaking

Increases the effectiveness of equipped augmenters.

Increases the chance for ships and bases that you destroy to drop salvageable items.

Increases the number of commands you can give to your trading slaves.
War Mongering

The number of concurrent wars your team can declare.

Plus many more - 99 total skills!

Class Skills

Certain skills are exclusive with each other. These are called the class skills and more strongly differentiate characters. Some skills are more useful in levelling, some in winning the game, and some in making money. A good team will have a mix of players who have different class skills.

There are 4 Focuses that you can choose from, Combat, Recon, Support, and Fleet. Each focus specializes in one type of ship: Heavy Fighter, Light Fighter, Freighter, and Capital. All focuses are mutually exclusive of each other, so you have to pick just one.

Within each focus are two combat skills and within each combat skill are 3 sub-skills. Below is a list of the Focuses, Classes, and Sub-skills that you can choose from. You can have one focus, one class under that focus, and all three sub-skills within that class. Currently the class skills go up to level 20 and the percentages listed below are the bonuses that you get per level in each skill.

Combat Focus (Heavy Fighters: +3% shield max, +1% damage. Equipped Items take 2% less space. Others: +1% shield max)
  • Sniper Class (4% damage, +2.5% firing energy, +1% range)
    • Stalking (4% tracking, +3% cloaking, +5% critical hit time)
    • Range (+5% range, +1% critical hit chance, and +1% damage while still, scaled to 0 when moving at speed 100)
    • Efficiency (+3% damage, +2.5% recoil)

  • Berserker Class (+2% hostility, 15% Multifiring [100% Multifiring is one extra shot])
    • Impervious Armor (+2.5% all resists, -2% speed)
    • Ordinance Supremecy (+4% energy, +1% damage, -1% firing energy)
    • Arsenal Expertise (5% Multifiring, +2.5% weapon hold, equipped weapons take -1% space)
Recon Focus (Light Fighters: +10% Agility & Thrust +10%, +5% radar, +1% capacity. +5% Agility & Thrust on other ships. +10% docking speed on all ships)
  • Speed Demon Class (+2% speed, +3% rate of fire, +10% docking)
    • Speedy Movement (+2% speed, +2% thrust)
    • Speedy Firing (+4% rate of fire, +1% critical hit chance, +1% damage - these bonuses are scaled by your speed)
    • Dogfighting (+2% damage, +2% tracking, +2% turning, -2% range)

  • Seer Class (+2% damage, improved warp abilities)
    • Psionic Shrouding (+5% stealth, +5% critical hit resistance)
    • Psychic Sight (+5% vision, +5% critical hit damage)
    • Shadow Ambush (+3% critical hit chance when unseen, +3% damage when striking from behind)
Support Focus (+9% capacity on freighters, +4% capacity on heavy fighters and capital ships, -2% weight on freighters)
  • Engineer Class (+.5% to most stats, +.5% to all tweaks)
    • Drone Mastery (Drones get 3% weighted combat bonus)
    • Beam Mastery (+5% beam power and beam tweaks)
    • Damage Control (+2% all resistances incl. transference, +2% critical hit resistance)

  • Shield Monkey Class (+5% shield max, +3% shield recharge)
    • Shield Boosting (+2.5% shield max, +2.5% shield recharge)
    • Shield Manipulation (+1.5% damage, +1% shield recharge, +3% combat slave damage)
    • Shield Transference (+6.5% transference damage, 4% transference efficiency)
Fleet Focus (+2% to most non-offensive stats on capital ships, 1% on other ships, +8% hull space on capital ships, +4% on heavy fighters and freighters)
  • Gunner Class (+5% Multifiring, +5% weapon hold)
    • Big Guns (+3% mining damage in capital ship, +1% others)
    • Destruction (target gets 0.5%/lvl vulnerability to current damage type or 1%/lvl if multifiring)
    • Missile Mastery (+5% to all missile stats)

  • Fleet Commander Class (+2% field generators)
    • Flight Controller (+2% all fighter stats, +5% num fighters)
    • Slave Master (+2% slave stats)
    • Radiation Expert (+10% radiation damage, +3% wild slave stats)
Note: You have to be Pay to Play to get a class skill.

Trade Skills

You can now have one trade skill in addition to whatever combat skills you choose. To get your trade skill, go to Free Market and sign up for the mission corresponding to the trade skill of your choice.

  • Colonial Administrator: Efficiency Expert. (+5% suitability on your colonies)

  • Extraction Expert: Expert at harvesting and mineral extraction. (+6% to bases hull space, +6.5% rate of extraction)

  • Station Master: Stations get +5.5% shield, energy, damage, shield recharge, energy recharge, capacity, tracking, firing rate, radar, range, and cloaking

  • Merchant Fleet Master: Trading slaves get +2% to most stats, +10% capacity, and +10% to shields
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