Entering the Serengeti sector

This base in Paxius has one mission ready to be completed and one mission still in progress

Qokuji'qi ships defending their base in the Iq' Bana system

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Space Trading Game

Star Sonata is a space trading game. Throughout the universe there are space bases at which you can dock and buy and sell goods. Certain commodities have different prices in different locations, and an astute trader can capitalize on this.

Space Trading Game
Space Trading Game: Here there are a number of different commodities that can potentially be traded for a profit.

The trading window can also display information for space stations that you have already visited in neighboring galaxies and calculated profits.

Space Trading Game Profits
Here are also listed neighboring stations and the potential profits for trading certain commodites there.

Not all trading has to be done the hard way, though. Once you have the Remote Control skill, you can buy and outfit a slave ship to either fight alongside you, or carry out automated trading even while the you are offline. But make sure that the trade routes you set your slaves to follow are profitable -- all prices are dynamic and they can change while you are not paying attention. Eventually if well managed, your fleet of slaves will be the backbone of your own economy within Star Sonata.

Eventually, you will want to earn even more credits so that you can get the biggest and baddest space equipment around. The next step up from trading commodities between space stations is for you to either mine asteroids or build your own base attached to a moon or a planet and extract commodities yourself to sell for 100% profit. These commodities can be sold to space stations, colonies, or bases belonging to other players. It is always a hunt to find the location with the best price for your goods and to figure out what the best commodites are to extract given the current market conditions. Some commodities are radioactive and unstable, and have to be sold quickly or else will decay away.

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