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Player's Guide  Space Colonies

Space Colonies

What is a colony and why should we build one?

Colonies are civilizations that reside on planets that are ruled with an iron fist by players, or sometimes AI (artificial intelligence). Colonies are a great source of income, which can make money over night by the buying and selling of commodities.

Colonies are an integral part to the more advanced aspects of Star Sonata as a space trading game.

Wow! How can a colony be started?

In order to build a colony, you need to have a base on the planet that you wish to colonize. The next step is to buy a colony blueprint, which can be bought at AI stations under the Base tab. There are many different colony blueprints such as the starter colony blueprint or the basic colony blueprint. Lets say we are using a starter colony blueprint, which takes 500 metals, 3000 rations and 3000 peasants. Next is to install the starter colony blueprint into the base, which can be done by putting it on the base and double clicking it. Before the colony can be started, you must gather the required materials and put them on the base. Once that is done, go to the Construction tab in the base and double click “Starter Colony” or whichever colony blueprint used.

What are the parts of a colony?

Main Parts:

  1. Population: This displays the number of peasants that live in the colony.
  2. Suitability: This displays how suitable or livable the planet is. The higher the suitability, the better. When the suitability is high, the colony tends to grow in population and when it is low, the colony tends to die out.
  3. Rations: Displays how many rations the colony is getting out of how many rations the colony needs. High food factor helps the colony grow.
  4. Age: This displays how old the colony is in colony years. One colony year is equal to 2 hours.
  5. Commodity: This shows the commodities that are to be bought or sold to the colony.
  6. Price: This displays the price in which the colony might buy or sell commodities for.
  7. # Bought/(Sold) Last Yearly Transaction: This displays how many commodities the colony bought or sold in the last colony year. A white positive number means that the colony has bought commodities from your base and a red negative number means that the colony sold commodities to your base.

What planets should I build a colony on?

The planets that give the best colony suitability are planets that have the descriptions of normal, temperate, or terran. The best planet that you can find is a planet with all 3 descriptors in it. To find the description of the planet, you have to scan the planet using a planet scanner that can be bought in AI stations under the items tab.

Also note that you can only build colonies in galaxies where you can first build a station. Some special galaxies do not allow the building of stations, some galaxies are too full and won't let you build any more stations, and some are owned by a team and building stations by non-team members there is not allowed. Keep looking, space is big and you will be able to find a place to build somewhere.

How do I know which planets already have colonies on it?

Planet without a colony
Notice: The planet does not have an ecosystem bubble.
Planet with a colony
Notice: The planet does have an ecosystem bubble.

How do I sell/buy commodities to/from the colony?

First thing to do is make sure your base has a trading bay with the commodity in which you would like to buy/sell entered into the trades. The price you buy/sell the commodity for will be based on the price that the colony gives you.

Buying from the colony:

Lets say that you would like to buy rations from the colony and the colony price for rations is 149. In order to get the colony to sell to you, the buying price that you set must be higher than 149. For example, the colony price is 149... you must set your buy price for 150 or more.

Selling to the colony:

Lets say that the price the colony gives you for rations is still 149 and you would like to sell rations to the colony. In order to get the colony to buy the rations, you must set your sell price lower than 149. For example, the colony price is 149... you must set your sell price for 148 or lower.

Tip: Be careful, prices on a colony can change very quickly if setup wrong.

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