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Post Server & Client patch - 02 May morning GMT
* A new client command (/lkc) used to control different lagkiller values (only 3 non generic ones for now rmbg to control the background removal, slowgui to control the gui render speed and starbg to control the background stars quantity).
* Another new client command to allow you to save your /lkc /lkl /lku settings called /savecommands . It will open an edit box, you type in the commands you want the client to execute before starting (1 per line) and press ok, from there on, every time you restart your client those commands will be ran. Since those are ran before the connection to the server, you cant use those for server side commands or chat, only client side commands which are mostly limited to /lkl /lku and /lkc related commands.
* Added /fr to do a near instant reconnection (essentially forcing everything to reload from the server) (to help when suffering from desync)
* Added /record and /play to record and play stream from the game (it is still in development and has no guarantee to support the current file format. But basicly, using /record filename and /play filename you can generate/play a file that the client can reread to reproduce what you saw (or at least try to). These may break your client a lot, you may have to reinstall(?), you have been warned.
* Added support for editing objects on live for those with fancy powers (very basic but works, client may crash).
* New Poseidon Crown texture
* Added support to time groups of missions instead of individual missions

* Added t21 freighter + blueprint
* Bonnet ambush spawners

* Fixed a docking issue where if you had a base targeted, and then tried to fly over and dock at another base far away, it would give you an error that you weren't close enough to dock. Now it will not consider targeting a base to be your preference if that base is too far away.
* Fixed the bug where your shield bar shows "+-" when you have negative regen
* Fixed bug that allowed f2p to fire weapon based superitems in wildspace
* Fixed bug that allows f2p to use weapons based superitems in wild space
* Items can no longer be used on stasis ships.
* Fixed the bug that was causing some data inside instances not to get saved.
* Fixed a few of the emp timer displays

* Fixed MIRVs not working correctly for some AI.
* Fixed Dark Goblin Mining Laser Blueprint producing the wrong item
* Fixed "Earthforce Patrols" mission and a typo in it.
* Fixed a big issue with Dark Maelstrom.
* Fixed &galaction issue with mission "Striking the UrQa" for next uni.
* Fixed an issue causing the Harrison Solo missions not being completable.
* Fixed x5 turn in missions for T21 shard/tokens
* Fixed Mattock Augmenter BP constructing Pick Augmenter instead of Mattock Augmenter
* Fixed a bug with negative shield regen tweaks not kicking in right away if your shield is full
* Fixed "return to infernal darkness" mission.

* P2p can no longer transfer slaves to f2p in wild space
* F2p can no longer use RTS controls to force slaves into wild space
* Census will now show pop to 2 decimal places
* Bases will now show a more accurate error when an upgrade fails
* Lagkiller will now reduce the number of layers in the backgrounds up to lvl 5 where it disable them completly (some lower end graphic cards are having a hard time with the fillrate required to render those properly, still investigating solutions on that side but in the meantime that should help).
* Low graphic now have a maximum of 2 layers in the backgrounds
* Lagkiller now reduce the number of background stars as it increase.
* Profiling now include gpu load, but the code to calculate that will cause the profiler to drop your fps dramatically (about half your normal fps in most scenario), /dp will also disable the profiler after dumping the value on screen to recover those lost fps.

* Made Hunter scoop (Hawk inbuilt) T0
* Buffed Hawk a bit
* Equalaugmenter fix
* Decreased how often/when Dark Kobaldstein does his shield tweak
* T21 missions now are timed over the full chain. Timer is set to 24 hours.
* Beefed Pax Levitas, gave it a new inbuilt
* Beefed Darkstream
* Beefed Darkness Warmed Over
* Improved the look of one of Kidd's weapons.
* Added anti farm tags to T21 mission AI spawners
* Decreased range on Stormcloud and Lice fighter parents by 50%.
* Increased shield bank on Easter fighters/missiles
* Tweaked the Locust fighter to not generate as much lag (Pellets 10>4, recoil 500>650, particle count down, DPS should remain same).
* Removed Easter global drops
* Reduced XP/Credits dropped in Hermes Intro gal
* Added an anti farming tag to Protoplasmica DG
* Put an intermediate base in the Protoplasmica DG for the associated mission chain
* Added 2 new bits of loot to the Protoplasmica bosses/missions
* Added a wormhole exit after the first boss in the Protoplasmica DG

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=107&t=51892

Apologies for the delay in patch notes, I forgot and went to bed.

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Wed May 02, 2012 7:44 am
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