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Post Server & Client Patch May 22

* Added failsafes to ensure the camera correct itself if it someone get set with out of bound values.
Expanded the AP text at the top by a bit so that when it wraps it won't get cut off.
* Added an attempt at freeing some gpu memory when running out (might not free much or even crash, unable to test reliably)
* Added faster gui rendering, this is what has been in beta for quite some time now, it is now a toggle. If your gui mess up when you enable it, you can press scroll lock to temporarily disable it and access your configs. (was already live)
* Smoothed the projectile firing code so that the bullet stream should be a lot more constant without depending as much on the server performance (still is affected by the server performance, but much less affected by slight spikes).
* Made it so that even if your rate of fire is faster than the server frame rate (hard cap of 10shots per second still exists (unrelated)), the server will create multiple projectiles in one frame to compensate and with the smoothed projectile, will also position them as if they were shot in between the 2 frames hence keeping the stream of bullets in a nicer shape. (up to 5 bullets can be shot in a single frame if the server is slow enough).
* Added Astral Travel to train in Lyceum. Ran across a old forum post where we had mentioned we'd add it. (Might not appear till next uni)


* Fixed a bug with /play causing the camera to mess up utterly
* Fixed multiple client crashes.
* Fixed a bug where Poseidon would suddenly become non-tractorable
* Fixed the laser targeting issue
* F2P will no longer spawn in wild space when they login for the first time in a uni.
* Fixed a bug where the colony census would sometimes show 0 pop percent when it shouldn't.
* Mission chain reset fixes.
* Multiple server crashes fix.
* Fixed items being remotely tossed sometimes showing up in the wrong place.
* MIRVs fully fixed... Hopefully.
* Fixed the issue where Poseidon would suddenly become non-tractorable.
* Fixed the size of the EF dreads in Zeus
* Fixed t21 mission combat control bot missions to not all read light fighter
* Fixed a missile BP requirement


* Improved server performance
* Lowering ShM mission requirements to match their reward's tech levels so they might actually get used.
* Base factories with long recharges now save their progress on server restarts.
* Improved the game performance profiler (/dp) precision in some slower part of the code, to help tracking down the source.

discussions: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=52227

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tue May 22, 2012 1:46 am
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