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Post Server & Client Patch March 26
Major Rework of the Trade Tab in Bases:

* Changed the trade dialog tabs to be icons of their respective item type (combined with tooltip with the old text value in)
* Removed the static text item description from the station trade tab, replaced it with a tooltip attached to the side of the station dialog (will be either left or right depending on where the dialog is and what else is on screen).
* Enlarged the list for the station trade (essentially covering the zone previously used by the description.
* Increased the max height for tooltip that should reduce (pretty much eliminate). the chances of requiring to actually scroll to read all of the description.

Improvements to the Userbase tradebay:

* New add vendible dialog
* Added import/export support to userbase tradebay so you can keep your own massive list of items you want to sell/buy and use it multiple places
* Added tab order support to the add item to tradebay dialog. (pressing tab will now cycle through the fields, not the ok button yet unfortunatly).

New Global Marketplace feature:

* First version of the /mc (/marketcheck) command. /mc itemname will popup a dialog with average price and top 10 player shops for the items both to buy and to sell. Updates are done every 5 mins give or take. A base log will appear in userbase when their contents get read back into the global market. "Global MarketPlace representative passed by..."
* Tied in the add item to tradebay default values with the average values from the market (item cost from the server data didnt mean much anyway and was more confusing / causing players to sell items are underpriced values because they didnt knew.

Changes to the Bar skills:

* Bar skills now require piloting skill of the same level in order to train
* Changed the SP per level of Titanium Foot, Multiversal Leaking, Infinite Precision Parking, and Spacetime Cornering from 25 SP to 5 SP
* Adding in all 6 bar skills to Free Market for just credits up to your level of piloting. The cost is on a progression proportional to skill level^1.5, with different bar skills having different cost multipliers ranging from 250m to 2b credits. Note that they are all still available for cheaper for just bars up to level 5 in the existing locations.

Galaxy Map Changes:

* Made it so that when you have centering on and you change galaxy, the galaxy map scrolls to the new one, which is easier to follow and understand how you just moved in relation to the universe
* Made it so that when you accept a mission to explore a galaxy, the gal map pops up, reveals the location of that galaxy on the map, selects it, and scrolls there so you can see what general direction to go in.
* Improved the behavior of the center button in the galaxy map
* Made it so that /search will pop up the map and scroll to the galaxy you searched for
* Made it so /search doesn't need quotes for galaxies with spaces in their names
* Fixed a crash when you /search for a galaxy that doesn't exist
* Reduced the font size for galaxy names in the galaxy map when it's in the 1x size.

New profiler features in case you want Jey to make the game run faster on your computer:

* Added an ingame performance profiler (disabled by default to not slowdown the game). If you experience sporadic render lags (jerkiness feeling in the fps), please send the result of /DP to, it should help Jey track and fix the source.
* /DP will dump the current profiler data to the screen and to the .log file (the screen version is formated for a non true type font, so copy paste it in notepad or something to get it in a readable format
* /CP will reset the profiler data.
* Added some new code to help tracking crashes sources when its enabled (either /DP or /CP will enable it, although it can/will lower your fps).

Other Additions:

* When players dock the first time in a universe, they will now get a dialog asking them if they want to restore their ships to that particular base from Limbo.
* Added confirmation to equip sticky items.
* Added new patcher infrastructure for beta clients and automatic beta client patching
* Added the ability to auto-generate '+' versions of items very easily in the code rather than doing them in the spreadsheets (not actually using this yet, but it's for torpedo rebalance to simplify the spreadsheet
* 75+ Bounty-Hunter missions.
* New instance created for t21 missions to alleviate lockout from olympus interfering with ability to do t21 missions
* New clipping code that should dramatically improve client performance.
* Gave the Wingship V a super item, MagCannon Device V
* Adding next galaxy to the warp message.
* New Poseidon glow
* New Ares+ texture
* Added Assault Behemoth texture
* Added a checkbox to enable/disable low quality models


* Removed the tractor ring mesh, and improved the tractor particles to look better no matter the distance you tractor.
* Made it so tractored target are marked as "important", so that their position is updated at maximum precision even if its way out of your view.
* Beefed Platform Augmenter series a bit
* Reduced RP lockout (7->3.5 days), increased drop chance on unfinished blueprint (10%->25%)
* Buffed Space Anomalies (Red Photon ambush spawner)
* Nerfed Entomber (inbuilt Vazaha Prototype shield), gave a second shield slot to the ship.
* Improved the look of Mzungu Pellet Gun, Venusian Jackhammer, and Mercurian Disintegrator
* Increased the aggro radius of flies in Powder Keg and Gunpowder; gave the flies in Fly Incubator and Fly Times aggro radii.
* Made it so ship upgrades and boss scripting transformations won't delete and re-create built-ins that are in both the old and new hull. This means it won't change the hotkeys or reset the charging of those items.
* Upgraded the Maggot Master in Nexus a little bit and gave him some scripting and a unique super item
* Added new "Broodling Embryo" ship for the fighter that certain bosses launch which is much faster than other flies
* Made "Maggot Master" mission reveal the path to get to that instance on the map
* Added a warning to the t21 charger prize missions that the chargers are neurobound
* Reduced Mercury requirements on Hermes Seer mines
* Improved the look of Cadet Catapult
* Added Helga ship upgrades to Nexus for next uni
* Added t21 mission commods to picks, battleships, and drops in EF and wild space layers for next reset
* added a 1 minute delay between the spawn of the first 2 and last 2 zeus lackeys in the end of the universe for the t21 missions.
* Increased the strength of IonCannon Device and Phunky Gremlin Devices built into the Phunka
* Increased the size of some more physical bullets
* Due to a mistake, all of the Olympus & AI Outpost radars had incorrect detection values. This has been fixed.
* Increased range on Faranji Outposts (AI only)
* Increased spawn points for roaming zeus lackeys (will go in at next reset)
* Tuned down the lagkiller induced lag.
* Forcing VerticalScrollBar to always be visible in station trade tab.
* Made it so only 1 .log is created now (starsonata.log is overwritten everytime you restart the game).
* Made tooltips faster to appear and disappear
* Added a check/error message if the exe is not in the correct directory (cannot find Content/Default)
* Low / medium graphic no longer have lower quality model forced on
* Made it so that if an item is equipped and usable in a base, double clicking will use it rather than unequipping it.


* Fixed the tractor beam clipping to use similar code to the laser clipping (should always be visible if its in your screen);
* Fixed several missions that had "$endstation" in the description text
* Fixed about a dozen single-shot weapons that were incorrectly shooting their bullets out at an angle instead of straight
* Fixed a bug with the sob clipping and infinite size objects (repeated visages).
* Fixed several server crashes
* Fixed a bunch of tech 21 missions
* Fixed Pretender Zeus not dropping Mobile Lightnings (thus not being able to do the mission)
* Fix for the ai base/player ship suddently refusing to fire until server reset.
* Fixed some bogus stats with the AI Outpost gear
* Fixed a bug with autopilot and no background rendering (autopilot didnt get as many idle, and as such, lost a lot of precisions. It will however, means that background client on autopilot will use a bit more cpu than background client not on autopilot.
* Fixed a bug with tooltips getting stuck on tabcontrol (station trade tabs for instance).
* Fixed a bug introduced in recent beta, that essentially broke tooltips.
* Fixed a cleanup bug in construction that caused old constructions to display in other bases.
* Fixed several clipping issues that caused some animations to not be done correctly.
* Fixed a bug with the texture on some ship causing them to be "stretched" incorrectly on some sections
* Made the client update the credit cost in the skill description when you train a level
* Fixed a bug that caused the skill tab on stations to not reset properly.
* Fixed some values that didnt reset correctly when undocking (station tab etc).
* Fixed a disconnection cleanup issue that caused missions to not update correctly if you changed character.
* Fixed a bug introduced in lastest patch. causing all items to be selected in some list.
* Fixed the missing models (they are badly saved/loaded and will need to be reexported correctly)

Lots and lots of performance and stability improvements to the client:

* Improved the plasma particles clipping. It should reduce the lag caused by hundreds of particles in the galaxy down to 0 (unless your actually seeing all the particles).
* Made it so galaxy load are done asynchronously. Everything will appear over a few frames instead of all at once. Reducing the lag on jump effect.
* Made it so only sobs that are more frequent and less urgent to have loaded right away are loaded asynchronously (background, projectiles, suns are no longer streamed).
* Fixed a client crash in Copper
* Fixed a bunch of client crashes
* Improved the client performance greatly when playing with no AA
* Fixed image rendering so that on graphic card requiring power of 2 and or square textures, images that didnt respect those constraint will still draw correctly.
* Fixed a bug in the texture compression on graphic card requiring power of 2 and or square textures.
* Fixed a lag caused by secondary inventory not closing correctly (they kept getting updated and stuff).
* Fixed the client desync issue (i hope at least).
* Fixed the target box flickering.
* Fixed the clipping for the grid_repeat for optimal rendering (should reduce by a lot the impact of cloud backgrounds on slower computers).
* Fixed several clipping issues that caused some animations to not be done correctly.
* Fixed a bug with the texture on some ship causing them to be "stretched" incorrectly on some sections
* Performance improvement when displaying multiple floaties.
* Some small performance improvements in the gui rendering.
* Multiple performance improvement to the add vendible list (in preparation for the vendible improvement that will come with next patch) (vendible are items you add to tradebay on shops)
* Fixed (im pretty sure this time) the tractor graphic glitch.
* Vastly improved the tables speed (wont affect ship or base inventory much since those use other more efficient methods).
* Attempt at fixing the crash some players get when jumping into specific gals (lavanite, first olympus instanced lvl etc).
* Made it so visages of ships that are not in your sight (no floaty not targeted and out of screen) are loaded very slowly and in lower priority, so stuff close to you should appear faster.
* Major client optimizations all around by attaching the new clipping code to some sections that could use it.
* Added minimal meshes preload (shouldnt add much if at all to the loading time since its a lot shorter than the textures), but should improve the delay on jump greatly.
* Tweaked lag killer slightly to increase a bit slower in the first few levels.
* Added TCP_NODELAY flag to the socket, should improve the response delay all across the board.
* Fixed a crash related to sound card issues.
* Improved spaceship clipping.
* Slowed the galaxy map data from the server so that slower connection/cheaper router dont crash as much)
* Improved the async galaxy loading to be done partly in threads, reducing the initial lag when you see a new object for the first time in the play session (especially if you preload the textures).
* A new compilation method for the public builds (beta/live), that should give a decent performance increase all around the board (10% performance increase in average in my tests).

You can discuss this patch here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=51188

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:58 pm
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