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Team: Admins
Main: The Voomy One
Level: 1337
Class: Sniper

Joined: Thu Jun 29, 2006 12:06 am
Post Server patch May
- Increased Primal Lion thruster docking bonus from 6.3% to 63%

- Increased Shields a tiny bit on bubble drones T15 and lower

- Increased commod requirements on Base Drone bps so they now cost soemthing to build and require commodities in game.

- Added Andaman Drone

- Added Attached Andaman Drone

- Added BPs for the Attached and non attached Andaman Drones

- Lowered energy usage on Carcass missile generator

- Small beef to Anaconda

- Made Snipers Fire Sniper only

- Added better radiation resists to several difficult AI

- Added rad resists to UZ ships

- Changes to uni map generation

- Updated values in Rocky Horror and Horrible Rocky

- Added Absconditus BP

- Fixed spawner for bell from hell

- Fixed some spelling/grammar

- Increased level of Vigilante from 1100 to 2000

- Fixed a mistake with Armada Ambush Drones

- Made Stygian Fist sniper only

- Modified Adonis through to Andaman BPs

- Lowered build time on Panther, Zebra, Rhino, Lion and Eniac Omega scanner so they dont take more then 14 days to build.

- Added Singularity Brake (Jey's emperor item)

- Added Singularity Brake BP to drop tables

- Added Sterile Cannon

- Increased mining resist on Condors

- Added more visibility to envelopments

- Added more words to the swear filter

- Added Sniper's Spotty Beam back into Lyceum

- Added missions to trade in several ZACs and Unstable cores so you dont have to repeat the missions as often. Note that you still need the original unstable core mission to get them as drops though.

Also many things done to improve saves (DBsaves), a lot of added and tweaked things for the new galaxies in creation that cant be posted here just yet. You will have to wait until it actually gets added in the game.

For support, please create a support ticket here.

Sun May 16, 2010 4:57 pm
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