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Team: Admins
Main: Jeff_L
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Post Server Patch (and new universe) Feb 27
- Make DG AI spawn at once when the server starts
- Added better radiation resists to several difficult AI
- Made fighters return to their owner when they lose track of their target.
- Added boss scripting to hives
- Increased loot on Hives
- Restricted delquad to perilous space
- Slight increase to the difficulty of Anaconda
- Reduced AI range of interest to so that they hopefully don't go wandering off and getting lost
- Reduced the range at which an AI will decide that it is lost before it will attempt to return to the center of a galaxy.

- Increased Primal Lion thruster docking bonus from 6.3% to 63%
- Increased Shields a tiny bit on bubble drones T15 and lower
- Added Absconditus BP to drop from <it's a secret to everybody>
- Increased commod requirements on Base Drone bps so they now cost something to build and require commodities in game.
- Added Andaman Drone
- Added Attached Andaman Drone
- Added BPs for the Attached and non attached Andaman Drones
- Decreased the damage on the ambrosia drone
- Lowered energy usage on Carcass missile generator
- Made Snipers Fire Sniper only
- Increased the shield bank on the Vazaha Sanctuary XX
- Fixed a display error in radar description where it was showing the optical modifier as 1 too low.
- Beefed the Heavy laser line of lasers
- Increase to some engines that has 1% or less aug bonus in speed. This value is so low it wont give any increase on most classes. Engines are all for HF and higher
- Made the FT Merc Pharos nano sized to match the regular version
- Added Snipers Spotty Beam
- Increased the vis given from flares
- Blueprints will say [Neurobound] before items that they create that are neurobound.
- Change in drop rate for VC
- Took away base tags from apollo collector
- Fixed base radars back to correct sizes
- Fixed Apollo Eyes radar to be better than achillies radars
- Fixed FT Venu Seeker and FT Merc Pharos to be better than non ft and have same bonuses

- Increased visibility on debris
- Added automated shutdown scheduling
- Removed velocity from blackboxes
- Set a floor value of 0.01 visibility for illuminated objects, objects starting at pure 0 base visibility will not be illuminated at all
- Made missiles and fighters only protected by the police if their owner is protected as well

Bug Fixes
- Made tractor beam effects have appropriate VISIBILITY
- Fixed a bug with firing multiple projectiles with momentum
- Fixed a bug with energy charge and shield charge buffs
- Fixed an exploit that allowed infinite overfilling of a ship

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:38 pm
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