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Post Transferring items
2 minor inconvenience bugs, and a third thing:

While docked, when dragging an item from the inventory screen to a ship on your list of docked ships, the ships list automatically scrolls to the bottom after the item transfers.
Since thatches are usually at the top of peoples ships lists.. you get the idea.

Obviously this would only happen when you have enough ships docked in one place for the ships list to have a scroll bar.

Also while docked, when using the right click > transfer menu on a item in the inventory screen, the open menus don't automatically disappear, which seems rather odd since if you did a transfer, the item those menus are for is now gone anyway.

The transfer location menu goes away when you take mouse off it, but the right clicked menu is still there, set for an item that isn't even there anymore, until you click something else.

Dragging an item from inventory to open space does bring up the confirmation if your sure you want to toss the item, but the client crashes if you click yes or no.
It works properly if you right click the item and click toss overboard however, which is odd since it brings up the same yes/no option.

Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:31 pm
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Post Re: Transferring items
4) after docking when you transfer stuff, sometimes you can see your current ship listed as one possible target... why would i want to transfer stuff from current ship to current ship...

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Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:11 am
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