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Post Server & Client Patch July 30
* Expanded universe. More than twice the number of galaxies in Wild Space, Earthforce Space, and Celestial Garden. Feel free to stretch your arms a little bit. Earthforce space no longer allows building in the random galaxies.

* Added back Stairway connections between layers

* New Guy in Olympus: Pretender Hermes

* New Prawn uber: Captain Kidd

* Added new Ship Upgrade item type that lets you upgrade your ship to a more advanced version while retaining all your augmenters

* Improved Zeus' Launch Tubes

* Added new MagCannons to FreeMarket

* Fixed a bug where a hacked client could have docked from anywhere in the galaxy

* Fixed a bug in the boss scripting distance condition

* Added some new factories to Ring

* Izer+ : Hull increase from 683 to 700 and speed increase from 99 to 105

* Rotting Izer : Hull increase from 670 to 730 so it is more inline with izer and izer+

* Moved Anatolia to Perilous Space

* Changed the graphics of the plus Olympus ships

* Made radiation warheads do energy self-damage

* Upgraded and increased the AI bases that exist at the beginning of the universe

* Made some rare "super" AI bases that are much more difficult

* Made RP buff drones unscoopable

* Added about 700-ish new galaxy names and more planet names

* Fixed the bounces for healing chain lasers

* Added higher level MagCannons to DG loot list

* Made 'Time to Mobilize!' mission repeatable

* Moved James Watt to Perilous space dungeon. Moved Dark Curse, Alby, Bart, Marco, Barbe, BfH, Sputty, and Nate to Earthforce space dungeons.

* Adamantium Advanced Team HQ/Outpost Blueprints, for sale in Free Market

* Normalized the size modification that lasers receive from their firing arc to make them less extreme. Lasers with large firing arcs either got smaller or more DPS, while a few with very small firing arcs got slightly larger in item size.

* Increased the manhours of the Adv RP Asteroid Driller BP (ARPAD) (still has no max workforce). Increased the build cost.

* Made it so people without warp nav 1 won't spawn in Wild Space layer

* Made it so no one will spawn in Perilous layer

* Changed the /limbo command to work once in the first 24 hours of the universe instead of just the first 1 hour

* Moved FM, Glass Matrix, Ring, Fortress, and Labyrinth to Celestrial Layer

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:01 pm
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