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Team: Admins
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Post Server and Client Patch October 8
Main updates:

  • Instancing
  • New tech 21 zone: Olympus
  • Sleepy Server code optimization which gives us about an 8x server speed increase
  • Full database load and save (moving away from XML files for mid-universe saves and loads)
  • New patcher and installer

Game Changes:
  • Added item mods to extracted artifacts at a fairly high level.
  • NB weapons now unequip if you are killed and don't have a GG to cover them
  • You now have to hit 'R' to get back into your stasised ship
  • Added explosion graphics for warhead splash explosions
  • Added concussive blast waves from destroyed objects that knock nearby objects
  • Improvements to the momentum impact code
  • Guns that don't shoot straight forward will now start their bullet in the direction that they face, rather than always at the front of the ship
  • Peons can now transfer their own bases
  • Changes to Jux type weapons
  • Limited base names to 50 characters
  • Fixed a crash bug associated with demolition kits
  • Added "/enemies" command which will list your personal and team enemies
  • Fixed a tractor bug
  • Some new actions in the enemy boss scripting
  • Added ship class limit to launchers
  • Blueprints can now have an arbitrary number of products
  • Some ingredients in blueprints now have a special tag that means you
  • don't Get any discount on those ingredient when building multiples
  • Installing multiple blueprints with a max use limitation will now combine the total max uses, so you can install multiple of them in order to do a batch build to get discounts
  • You can no longer cancel constructions worth 1 bil or more. You can only pause them
  • Made it so you can kick people from your squad if they are offline and their ship is evaporated
  • Added an anti-farm mechanism to some spawners. You'll get less XP and money from killing them the more you kill them.
  • Fixed a bug where damage auras didn't apply to antimatter devices
  • Buying ships from user bases now gives them to you in item-form.
  • Added confirmation dialog when using an item-form ship
  • Changed sizes of hulls to generally be 100 so players can hold them in item-form
  • Made it so that item-form ships take 10x normal weight to simulate the unwieldiness of towing them behind you
  • Added a moderator login message so we can Spam the mods
  • Added a credit cost option to missions
  • Fixed a cooldown display issue
  • Rebalanced engines
  • Reduced the power of Gyroscopic Mod
  • Gave all AI -turning and -thrust to compensate for beefed engines
  • Client compiled with a better compiler and a lot more optimizations
  • Custom areas can now have circular links
  • Fixed a bug where you could own a galaxy that was already owned by another team.
  • Added parasite injection to lasers.
  • Fixed a bug with parasites from the same source but with different damage multipliers.
  • Fixed a bug where slaves required the skill to use a sticky item when their master did not.
  • Made AI's consider debuffs and parasites when choosing which weapon to use
  • AI's can now have as many skills as we feel like giving them
  • Fixed an bug with upgraded bases not checking the new tech level when transferring

Content Updates:

  • Olympus T21 instanced zone - Here
  • T21 Skills via missions in the Lyceum
  • T21 Module BPs - located around the universe
  • Drones: new & changes to existing ones - Here
  • Assault Behe - Here
  • Engine rebalance - Here
  • Minor AI gear / level changes - here
  • Four new roaming AI mini-ubers - forgot to make a thread about these, some people might have spotted them on test; the crystal entity has been nerfed a bit, although still highly inadvisable to shoot it
  • Wattage & two other T21 Ship BPs outside of Olympus - Here
  • Mausoleum front end cosmetic change - Here
  • T14-19 Freighters - Here
  • Aura fixes & minor changes - Here
  • Changes to ruin tech items - no thread, but fairly extensive boosts to a lot of them
  • Mods on extracted ruin items - Here
  • GG21 available throughout the uni (EDIT - not true, tech 21 gear can't currently be made common. GG21 will be added specifically to a few bases)
  • Changes to radars - Herbal Sensor BP, FT radars have more bonuses
  • Sniper changes: New sniper only ship and engine.
  • T20 Launchers in drop tables of particular AI
  • Small change to Art of Engineering aug
  • T21 God / Demented Aug Hybrids added, BPs in high end DGs
  • Zebu Titan Ship available
  • Bi-Polar spawn fixes for seer mission
  • Slight changes to Emphatic Mother
  • Red Photon tweaks - on buildable ships, AI scripting, drops and environment
  • Zaphrangi UZ aftermath missions for everyone - new T20 drones, weapons, gear etc
  • Crate drops moved to different drop list to reduce % chance of replacing other drops
  • Seer Mines
  • UrQa "3-shot" gives large fires
  • Item form ships reduced to size 100, weight increased

Content scheduled for next two weeks (for Uni reset)

  • SM21 "termite defense" instance
  • The Mausoleum upgrade
  • Bounty Hunters - repeatable kill AI missions
  • More Ruin tech balancing
  • Gunners & Missiles (highly dependent on time factors)
  • Mid tech Light Fighters

Q&A about the programming changes here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=40780
Q&A about the content changes here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=40762

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:06 pm
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