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Post Server Patch June 26 (with new uni)
- New galaxy: Emphatic Mother
- Adjusted the levels of several AI's
- Continued enhancements to the DB save
- Added Tweak Crates to DG drop tables
- Modified the lyceumpowerupbp's to create crates of tweaks instead of single tweaks. Global 5 tweaks per crate
- Changes to how tractor ranges work. All ranges on tractors increased by 50%, but skills and augs that give tractor "power" now only contribute 1/5 of that value to added range instead of all of it.
- Increased the power bonus of built in items
- Added anti-base parasite weapons
- Added custom galaxies for Spdy Gonzales, Scorch, and Rackham
- Made Ambrosia Drone require Ambrosia Laser instead of Ethereal Laser U
- Made the invincibility tweak you get after getting back into your ship also give -100% damage to you
- Missions for tractoring 17-20
- Adjustments to the shape of Perilous space
- Fixed all the GSA spawns in UZ so that they won't leave the ambush area when spawned unless they really hate you (in order to stop people from spawning GSA's on others)
- Change to the curve of prices in dynamic economies (commodities in AI bases). Prices now change more slowly when they are near the normal price and change faster as they get farther away
- Quantum Reach skill now gives range bonus to both weapon ranges and tractor ranges

- Greatly reduced range on Basil Chill Ray
- Replaced the Wingship II+ in fraternity with a Wingship II Pro
- Updated 4 of the support drones with more appropriate gear and resists
- Doubled the values for the forcefields for forcefield drones
- Modified various gear for the newer support drones, as well as modified/balanced resists on all of them. Increased the number of envelopments produced by the forcefield drones; geared support drones with gear appropriate for their tech
- Added some tech 21 augmenters

- Fixed a bug where we couldn't rename certain players
- Fixed an infinite loop, that caused a out of memory crash
- Updated FT hawkeye+ Radar and FT Axum Radar stats so that they are are no disadvantages when compared to the source radar
- Added pax fighter engine for Paxian fighters
- Fix for bug where your own ship damage from healing was determined by your selected target, not by what you actually hit
- Allow NPC drones to heal AI's
- Important fix for dungeon spawns using boss spawners
- Made sure that the things that determine wildness in the uni generation are made with the seeded random number to ensure quality of the new uni
- Hard-coded the max number of MF shots at 5

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:11 pm
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